New Rap Albums: Messy Marv, Moonshine Bandits, Pete Rock, Tyler the Creator
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New Rap Albums: Animal Farm, Edo. G, Killer Mike, J. Rawls, Kohndo, MC Lars, Neek The Exotic & Large Professor, New Boyz, Tinie Tempah

Killer Mike - PL3DGE album cover art

Killer Mike - PL3DGE

Interesting week with a big release from Killer Mike, some strong reissues and the New Boyz sophomore effort about which I wrote at All World Dance, New Boyz May Be Too Cool To Care But Are They Leaving Jerkin' Behind?.

On a sadder note, this will be the last weekly report for awhile. I'm taking a little break until I can see a strong reason to continue doing this. Traffic is very low. The ad network of which this site is a member has taken an incredible nose dive and, generally speaking, it's a losing proposition on multiple levels. But I do want to think those that have expressed their verbal support of this site. It's always nice to hear positive statements. Peace!

New Boyz - Too Cool to Care album cover art

New Boyz - Too Cool to Care

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Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy album cover art

Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy

The following new releases are available from Amazon.

Edo. G - A Face In The Crowd album cover art

Edo. G - A Face In The Crowd


Animal Farm - Culture Shock [MP3] [CD]

Big Tone - From The Streetz of California [MP3]

Brotha Joseph - In God We Trust [CD]

Edo. G - A Face In The Crowd [MP3] [CD]

J. Rawls - The Hip-Hop Affect [MP3] [CD]

Killer Mike - PL3DGE [MP3] [CD]
[See Album Info for Art/Videos/Tracklisting]

Animal Farm - Culture Shock album cover art

Animal Farm - Culture Shock

King Sun - XL (Reissue) [CD]

Mac Dre - Dre Mix [CD]

MC Lars - 21 Concepts (But a Hit Ain't One)
[MP3] [MP3 w/Booklet] [CD]

Messy Marv - Shooting Range Part 3 [MP3]

Mister D - Gangsters Get Lonely CD

Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - Still On The Hustle
[MP3] [CD]

MC Lars - 21 Concepts But a Hit Ain't One album cover art

MC Lars - 21 Concepts (But a Hit Ain't One)

New Boyz - Too Cool to Care [MP3] [MP3 Deluxe] [CD]

Rappin' 4-Tay - Still Standing [CD]

Spanky Loc - Tirando Y Rifando 2 [CD]

Telly Mac - Warn Tha Public (The Street Album) [CD]

Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy [MP3] [CD]

Thizz Latin -Wanted [4 CD]

Whodini - Escape (Reissue) [CD]

Neek The Exotic Large The Professor - Still On The Hustle album cover art

Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - Still On The Hustle


Kohndo - Soul Inside [MP3]

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Your hard work has not gone in vain. You are doing a great job.

Please start back posting on here. I need my fix and no one does it better (except the D.O.C.)

Thanks! You folks are awfully kind but I'm making an almost total exit from hip hop-related web activities except for blogging about hip hop and street dance at All World Dance:


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