New Rap Albums: Cee-Lo Green, Devlin, Dru Down, Erk Tha Jerk, Holy Hip Hop, Kid Cudi, MC Yogi, Mike E. Clark, Smoke DZA, Twista, Watchmen, Zion I
New Rap Albums: Baby Bash, Cunninlynguists, DJ Deadeye, DMX, Gucci Mane, Horseshoe Gang, Pharoahe Monch, Rocky Business, Zion I & Grouch

New Rap Albums: AP.9, Bizz, Boy Boy Young Mess, Decon, Doomtree, Planet Asia, $hamrock, Travis Barker

travis barker give the drummer some album cover art

Travis Barker - Give the Drummer Some

Weekly Hip Hop Albums is back, thanks to Google's Farmer update, I'm pretty sure! I'm looking forward to seeing all those links to the site from all those folks who encouraged me to keep going. Once you link me up, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Update: Looks like I had turned comments off accidentally.  They're back on now.  Also, the end of the post got cutoff somehow.  I had to post then run some errands so I guess I just missed that.  Anyway, I'm back!

AP9 Relentless album cover art

AP.9 - Relentless

Note: I'll be moving the weekly reports posted at Hip Hop Logic over here as soon as I can so this site is as complete as possible and will continue with my ongoing database work featuring new and upcoming albums at netweed: Hip Hop Albums. Plus, I'll soon be launching a new section at netweed with cover art, videos and tracklistings for major individual album releases.

The Boy Boy Young Mess Presents Paper Bag Money album cover art

The Boy Boy Young Mess Presents - Paper Bag Money Starring Lee Majors

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The following new releases are available from Amazon.

 $hamrock aka Young Irish Tha WyteRapper $how album cover art

$hamrock aka Young Irish - Tha WyteRapper $how


AP.9 - Relentless [2 CD]

Bizz - Prince of Jersey 2.0

The Boy Boy Young Mess Presents - Paper Bag Money Starring Lee Majors

Decon - Closed Sessions: ATX [MP3]

Doomtree - False Hopes XV

Decon Closed Sessions: ATX album cover art

Decon - Closed Sessions: ATX [MP3]

Keak Da Sneak - The Best Of Thizz Iz All N Da Doe

Lazerbeak - Legend Recognize Legend [CD]

Lil Keke - Ridin' Wit Da Top Off, Volume 1: Best of Both Worlds [MP3]

Planet Asia - The Bar Mistvah [MP3]

Mac Dre - Appearances 2

$hamrock aka Young Irish - Tha WyteRapper $how

Bizz Prince of Jersey 2.0 album cover art

Bizz - Prince of Jersey 2.0

Sims - False Hopes XIV [CD]

Sinek - Sex Money & Murder

Thizz Nation V.28 - Starring Stevie Joe [CD]

Travis Barker - Give the Drummer Some

Travis Barker - Give the Drummer Some [Deluxe Edition]

Doomtree False Hopes XV album cover art

Doomtree - False Hopes XV


DJ Vadim Presents The Electric - Life Is Moving [MP3]

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Finally got this comment thing worked out. Hope you guys are happy to have me back!

HI Im glad u are back doing this list..
I actually missed knowing what new albums to purchase. I hope u are getting the links ppl promised u. And of course if there is something I can do to help just tell me.
Keep up this great thing.

Thanks! You know, I'm not trying to get rich here but it's not really sustainable hobby without some return so I definitely need folks spreading the word.

Just tell people that you think might be interested. That would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got hook to your list not to long before you stopped being it. Great insight without a lot of BS to sort through..... thank you. Sorry I didn't show love before. Keep up the great work and thanks a million again.

Meant to say "I got hooked to your list just before you stopped doing it" in the above post. Sorry... in a hurry.....postin at work

Thanks! I was kind of harsh on people who didn't link out because I was frustrated. Of course, the reality is, I don't link out to everything I see that I think is cool even though I've had some good platforms for so doing.

I think what bothers me most is folks who benefit for their commercial endeavors. Hopefully when I reach out to folks directly, they'll link me up so this can reach the audience that will want to have it.

It's weird, back in the early days of hip hop blogging, folks were really good about linking out and then, when it became competitive with lots of copycat blogs, a lot of that disappeared as did some of the higher quality work.

Anyway, I'm actually glad to be doing it again and it fits nicely with my work over at netweed where I'm gradually improving hip hop resources.

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